Flex is an all-inclusive flexible subscription which allows you to drive away with a brand new electric or hybrid car. Rather than be fixed into a long term lease or owning a tired old car, simply subscribe to a new car through Evee and you'll be on the road in no time.

We'll get you sorted out with a free home charger and even deliver you new car straight to your door. It also offers you unrivalled flexibility with just a 28 days notice period and no termination fee.

We give you peace of mind right from the off. We include the home charger free with your order (for electric cars) and your monthly price includes road tax, MOT, servicing, tyres, brakes and roadside assistance.

If you continue subscribing for 12 months we'll even upgrade your electric car with a 50% discount on the down payment price. Talk about rewards!

We try to be as helpful as possible but as you can imagine, there are a few eligibility requirements for our popular Flex Subscription.

You must be aged 25 or over, a UK resident with a full UK driving licence for at least 12 months.

As a part of our commitment to flexibility, we can upgrade you to a new model after 12 months at a 50% discount on the down payment price. Your monthly price stays the same but it effectively means you'll get a new every year for just £747.50.

You can subscribe to the same car for up to 2 years and then you'll have to switch if you want to continue subscribing to Flex. We also offer a 50% discount on upgrading to a new model after the first 12 months of subscription if you want to change quicker. Happy days!

Once you've submitted your details on our website, one of the Evee Team will give you a ring to discuss our Flex subscription. We then need to carry out some checks to confirm your identity.

To approve your profile we may request some of the following -

Bank statement from your main current account
Additional proof of address, such as a utility bill
Additional ID documents, such as a passport
Employment details, such as your most recent payslip
DVLA check code from the DVLA website

Once we've got all your information, we'll be able to make a decision within approval by next working day and let you know by telephone.

If you do fail to make your weekly payment there will be a £19 late payment fee. Should you receive a penalty charge notice there is also a £19 parking ticket transfer

With Flex, the down payment is non-refundable.

The Flex Subscription gives you a mileage cap of 10,000 per year. Anything over this will be charged at 0.15p per mile

Yes you may take your car abroad as long as you're a UK resident. Our mileage restrictions will still apply (10,000 per year).

Once all the paperwork has been finalised and you've given us proof of insurance on the car, we'll arrange for your new car to be sent straight to your door.

We'll even show you around the car and highlight all of its special features so you're confident and ready to drive.

With Flex, you're covered for service, tyres, brakes, MOT, road tax and roadside assistance,

We'll get in contact with you when it comes to scheduling appointments (e.g. for a service) but for issues that occur unexpectedly. you'll need to notify us as soon as possible so we can rectify the issue.

We’re sure you’d never do such a thing, but if you receive a parking ticket or speeding fine, we’ll let you know the bad news straight away and transfer liability so you can deal with it directly. There is a £19 admin fee for transferring liability.

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